Please Download and try our free demo before you buy.

NOTE1: MyReplacementReceipts will only work on Windows OS machines, Windows XP or higher. 


NOTE2: Try the free demo version before you purchase this program. If the free demo does not work OR you can not figure out your anti-virus program to create the correct settings PLEASE do not buy our program.


NOTE3: If you have Norton's or Endpoint security suites you must know how or learn how to create program 'Exceptions' plus learn how to adjust the settings that will allow custom programs to run with your anti-virus program. We do not charge enough to instruct every purchaser of MyRR how to use Norton's or Endpoint software. Open Norton's or Endpoint and look around it usually takes no more than 15 minutes before you will understand what is needed.


NOTE4: If you have Norton's or Endpoint and do not understand how they work when you 1st download the demo both security programs will 'Quarantine our MyReplacementReceipts.exe' and tell you that it has a trojan virus. This is not true we have sold to customers around the world with no problems. The issue is we check the name and license key against our records when you 1st install. And that is what is being seen by the various anti-virus programs as a trojan.


NOTE5: Basic help instructions for Endpoint & Norton's are posted below.


NOTE6: If you purchase it usually takes about 1 HOUR or so to get your license as we have a link between PayPal and our server that creates the licenses, HOWEVER on WEEKENDS there is only 1 person to remotely watch the server that creates the licenses, so it may take more time to get your license.


NOTE7: A new version of MyRR has been released, users can now select foreign currency needed for their receipts. All current users can download the new myreplacementreceipts.exe from the Download Demo page . Read the instructions there. (The new version was released in 2015 so when you purchase in 2016 you are already getting the current version.)



Endpoint & Norton's: A few users are having issues with these programs placing the MyReplacementReceipts.exe in a "Quarantined" folder. As we here at MyReplacementReceipts use both of these fine programs we know the messages it sends when you install MyRR and they are just trying to keep your computer safe BUT as we have no malware or viruses MyRR is safe. All you need to do is follow the directions below:


1. Open Endpoint to create an exception:

2. Click "Change Settings" on the left hand panel.

3. Click "Configure Settings" button 4th button in middle of panel.

4. Click "Add" button on lower left corner of panel.

5. Navigate to: C:\MyReplacementReceipts\MyReplacementReceipts\MyReplacementReceipts.exe


For Norton's follow these directions.


1. Open Norton's to adjust the settings:

2. Open Settings

3. Then look on the right side for: 'Items to Exclude from Scans & Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Dection'

4. When using MyRR for a USB drive I included my entire flash drive, when excluding only .exe's you will need to see the instructions for Endpoint and locate MyRR_USB.exe and myreplacementreceipts.exe as show above.



Now Endpoint & Norton's will allow MyRR to run correctly.




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Fast Food Receipts.

Restaurant Receipts. Replacement Receipts. Food Receipts. Gas Station Pump Receipts.