Try the New 2021 Version of our free demo version of MyReplacementReceipts. If you decide to purchase Do Not Uninstall this demo version as the license key you receive when you purchase will unlock all features.

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NOTE: Save the .MSI file somewhere on your compuer where you can find it. Douple click the .MSI file to install.



License Key: Demo





MyRR has NO Malware and is Virus free. The demo version will not print receipts or save them.


See the screen shot below where you can enter your license key to unlock the demo version into the full working version of MyReplacementReceipts.









READ Carefully: For current users of MyReplacementReceipts, If you want to add foreign currencies to your version of MyRR you will need to click on the link shown below this message. Save the new myreplacementreceipts.exe to a location on your hard drive or to a flash drive for back up. Then copy the new .exe into the folder on your computer where MyRR has the old myreplacementreceipts.exe and let the new one overwrite the the old program. IF the logon window opens up use your name and license key and the program will be ready to use. We will make the small changes to the MyRRHelp.pdf asap. But the new features are very easy to use and understand.






No Fake Receipts.

Gas Receipts.

Fast Food Receipts.

Restaurant Receipts. Replacement Receipts. Food Receipts. Gas Station Pump Receipts.